Kassai World Cup Checkendon, UK

Starting the new year I would like to recap the last competition I rode in 2022, in Checkendon, UK. It was my first time training on the Kassai track and my first Kassai World Cup competition. For people who do not know, on the Kassai track the target face follows the rider, always maintaining the […]

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The Media

After I won the European Championship and became European Champion Horseback Archery Eventing all ages, I have been on national radio and television. James was a very good companion for this since the horse I won the competition with, Husky, lives in the south of France at Sylvie’s place https://hantayo.fr/web/ One very succesfull often seen […]

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Eagles Ranch Texel

At the last moment we decided to take James with us on our holiday to Texel and it was the best decision ever! Very happy and grateful that Danielle and Henk from the Eagles Ranch created a Houdini proof space for him. He had a great time with the mares and foals on one side, […]

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