Gauchoux Open 2021

This year I went into the competition with very little practice from shooting from a horse so my expectations were not too high. Happy to say that I achieved higher than I expected! I won the junior category and got 3rd place overall with only one percentage to 2nd place! My results on the Tower […]

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An update

The last months I have been really lucky to have found a few horses that I can train. This improves my horse-riding skills and my experience with different horses. And it is a lot of fun to see the horses that I ride improve. I have rode Bijou, a high level dressage horse. And it […]

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New beginnings

I was very lucky to find Moravita to ride. She is a 16 year old Lippizaner with a lot of energy. I am riding with her almost every day now and I have been learning a lot already. I also help her owner with riding her. It is nice to be able to practice giving […]

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HA6 and two World Records

I am happy to let you know that with my high scores in Gauchoux I had enough good results to obtain HA6 status at the IHAA. I need one more good Raid score to have HA7. All the scores for my HA6 grade were obtained at international competitions, with Latte at the European Championship in […]

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Change of plans

Due to the corona virus there has been a change of plans. The World Championships Horseback Archery Eventing have been canceled and delayed to 2021. This means I have to change my goals of training partly. I still want to be the best horseback archer I can be, so that didn’t change. I am now […]

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Training Time

I am qualified for the Dutch team to participate in the World Championship Horseback Archery Eventing. This will take place in Lamotte, France in October 2020! Since the corona crisis started I was very lucky to be able to train a lot of extra time with Jannet van Wijk and her horses. We go out […]

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