Training Time

I am qualified for the Dutch team to participate in the World Championship Horseback Archery Eventing. This will take place in Lamotte, France in October 2020! Since the corona crisis started I was very lucky to be able to train a lot of extra time with Jannet van Wijk and her horses. We go out […]

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One at the battlefield

Written by Jouke When in Pomaz, Hungary, Siem had the chance to train with Dimitar Trukanov. This was very important for him. It was a great idea of Christoph Némethy to invite Dimitar as a trainer, I’m grateful for that! This training was in May. A few months further and I can see how much impact this training has had on […]

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Demo Oogstdag Den Treek Leusden

Today I gave three demo’s with Chiron at Oogstdag De Treek. There were many people watching and Chiron loved it! Me too. Afterwards I let other people shoot some arrows from the ground. It was great to see how much they all enjoyed it! That’s why I love giving demo’s! If you want to know […]

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Clinic Mihai Cozmei

On 6/7 April Mihai Cozmei gave a clinic at Hoeve Romantico, the place where I am training and giving trainings. Mihai arrived on friday and on friday afternoon we checked the horses I have been training and trained together on the long track. It was awesome. Mihai rode Nymphy our dancing and flying horse. It’s […]

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Siem Horseback Archery

It is time to start my own business: Siem Horseback Archery  Facebook pagina We have been working hard to build a place where people can learn horseback archery in a safe and horse friendly way. We hope to see you in the near future! Training with Chiron:  You are always welcome for training on the ground […]

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