Clinic Mihai Cozmei

On 6/7 April Mihai Cozmei gave a clinic at Hoeve Romantico, the place where I am training and giving trainings. Mihai arrived on friday and on friday afternoon we checked the horses I have been training and trained together on the long track. It was awesome. Mihai rode Nymphy our dancing and flying horse. It’s […]

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Siem Horseback Archery

It is time to start my own business: Siem Horseback Archery  Facebook pagina We have been working hard to build a place where people can learn horseback archery in a safe and horse friendly way. We hope to see you in the near future! Training with Chiron:  You are always welcome for training on the ground […]

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A Raptor and a Postal

Yesterday we visited Simon Simon’s Bow Company  We talked a lot about bows, he showed me how he makes them, I showed him my bows. It’s always nice to talk with someone who loves bows too! And I shot his Raptor. I love the Raptor! It is a very fast, light weight bow, very stable. Exactly […]

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Open Day Paardenkamp Soest

I gave a demo with Chiron at the Paardenkamp in Soest today. The Paardenkamp is a place where old retired horses live. It is a beautiful place and a lot of people came to watch me. Jouke told some things about me and Chiron and horseback archery and the audience could ask me questions about […]

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Horse Event 2018

Chiron and I gave a demonstration at Horse Event on Saturday 15th September. Horse Event is the largest horse event in the Netherlands. Chiron was really relaxed. There were a lot of spectators. Koen Akkerman, my vaulting trainer, helped me during the demo. He told things about me, vaulting, horseriding and horse archery and asked […]

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