Postal match Korean 2-3-3

On the 6th May I rode the Postal Match Korean 2-3-3 with Chiron. I found it hard to stay in rythm between the shots so at the end I had less points than I thought I would have, 35.61. I tried my action camera, you can see the result here: Action Camera Korean 2-3-3 Siem and […]

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Kidsweek and 7days

This week I was interviewed for an article in two newspapers for children, the kidsweek and 7days. I told her how I train and why I like horseback archery so much. The kidsweek placed my story at the frontpage! And in the 7days there is a full page with pictures and text about me. I […]

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Last friday I was filmed by the Jeugdjournaal (News for kids). The cameraman also brought a drone and a GoPro. It was nice to try a GoPro! They were very friendly and made a nice item about me, Chiron and horseback archery. And they made me choose the music that they used! Here you can […]

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Clinic Emil Erikson

On August 25, 26 and 27 I participated in a clinic given by Emil Erikson. Friday and Saturday on foot, on sunday I trained on a horse as well. It was fun. On sunday we did part of the Postal Match, the Aussie track. I had 9.2 points on Bruno but my results are not […]

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