My plan is to become the best horseback archer in the world! To become the best I need to train on my own, do clinics from horseback archery trainers in different countries and go to competitions in other countries.

You are always welcome to sponsor me. As you might understand my trainings are costly and I have many plans for future clinics and competition in different countries.

The material I use is costly and since I train so many hours, I need replacements every once in a while. My arrows sometimes break and when getting stronger I need heavier bows. My targets need to be replaced every few weeks because I shoot so many arrows.

I am very happy to be sponsored by Simon’s bow company Simons Bow Company  I shoot with a Raptor specially made for me by Simon.


As you might understand I am still young and my parents want to avoid any situation in which I have to live up to expectations. But you are welcome to invest in my growth as horseback archer.

To give you an idea about my future plans and costs, this is my 2019 planning

May 2019

Demo’s at Animal Event, Beekse Bergen

Training and competition in Pomaz, Hungary

June 2019

Training and competition in Gauchoux, France

August 2019

Demo at Ruiterfestijn Meerlo

Demo’s at Oogstdag den Treek, Leusden

Junior Competition in Pomaz Hungary

September 2019

European Championship Poland

November 2019

Training in Iran and Silk Road Cup competition

I give training horseback archery almost every weekend at our own location in Maarsbergen. I also give training at peoples own location.


If you want to help me, please let me know through my contact page. I can always let you know more details about my plans. Or in case you want to support me financially, my bankaccount is:

NL86 RABO 0115275150, S. Budding