When I was 9 years old, I started archery at a club with an Olympic recurve bow. I did not really like to use the sight but that was kind of a standard thing. After 2.5 years they allowed me to start shooting without sight. In the winter of 2016 we visited a Viking village in Amersfoort. A man with a dead fox around his neck helped me to find the entrance to my future. He told me to go to Hungary to learn horseback archery. My mother googled at the internet and I had my first training with the horseback archers of Holland on 29 May 2016. Officially I was too young to train with them (12 years) but they gave me a chance.

In november 2016 I got my first bow, a Kaya Wind Fighter. I really wanted to get better at archery but I had no idea how. At my club no one could really help me with the right technique.

I feel blessed that we found Glenn Weston on Facebook. At 3rd January 2017 I had my first training with him, using Skype because Glenn lives in Texas. Since then I have been training with him on a regular basis and I love it. He made me realise I can live my dream and become a horseback archer. There is a place for me on earth!


I changed to another archery club here, where the trainers are positive towards horseback archery and help me with what I need to learn.

I train archery every day at home. I practice loading also separately. I make my own arrows. I study the internet and read everything I can find about archery, bows and arrows. 

I have five bows that I use. My favorite is the Jackal bow that I bought in Hungary in July 2018. It’s 31#. I also have a Némethy Storm (25#) that I use for the Hungarian track. I have a Ming bow (20#) that is a bit light for me now but has a very long draw length so I can practice long draw. I still have my first bow, the Kaya (20#) that I shoot sometimes for the fun. And I have a Némethy Aurora (16#) that I use for training with beginners.