Introducing: Siem Budding

I am Siem and I am living my dream to become a professional horseback archer.

With Latte, owned by Christoph Némethy at the European Championship Horseback Archery Eventing in Poland, september 2019

I am 18 years old and I have been homeschooled.

At the moment I am the highest placed horseback archer in the Netherlands. Since this year I am a Young Rider or Senior.

In August 2020 I was the overall winner of Gauchoux Open 2020. I have HA6 Grade. In August 2021 I was winner in the Junior category in Gauchoux and third overall with a high score on the Skirmish track. In Grunwald, Poland, I had high results too. You can see the actual information on my blog on this site. 

Since october 2021 James came into my life. And I am very happy that he’s my horse now! He is a very friendly, laid back and sensitive horse.

I give trainings and demonstrations at location. And stable and horseowners can always invite me to come to their place to give training. 

If you want to train with me, you can send us a message or check on my facebook page where we make “events” if I give a training that you can join:  

I do also train horses when owners ask me too. And I have been lucky to ride Bijou a few times, a real Gribaldi!

I shoot with the Slavic technique, using a quiver built by Mihai Cozmei. In the past I used thumb and three finger (mediterranean technique) so I can teach this techniques too.  

I train with international horseback archery trainers in Hungary, France and Poland several times a year.

I obtained my level 1 freestyle and horseriding instructor at the Freestyle Academy Emiel Voest last year.

At my free time I study the internet because I like to know everything about horses, saddles, bows, arrows and the history of horseback archery.

I have an older brother Tijmen (20 years) and two younger ones, Qiujun (15 years) and Chunlian (12 years). Qiujun and Chunlian like horseriding and archery too. I sometimes give them archery lessons. I have also taught my mother horseback archery.

We have four dogs and we take care of other dogs when their owners are working.

My father Arjan works at the Wageningen University and Research as program leader Sustainable Water Management. My mother Jouke is at home with us. We live in a village in the centre of the Netherlands, near Amersfoort.

I was being homeschooled because going to school made me very sad. I did not understand what the teachers were asking from me, most things I already knew for a long time and I got very nervous of all the forced social interaction. I love to be around people and to interact but in a classroom full of kids I felt completely lost. My brothers are also being homeschooled.

So now I am learning the things I want to learn at home and at places I love to go to, with people I love to meet.