Between the ages of 6 – 8, I had horseriding lessons. I loved to sit on a horse and to talk with my trainers. But I could not deal with the pressure of letting the horse do what the trainer wanted me to do with the horse. I just wanted to be with the horse. So I stopped riding horses.

In March 2017 I decided to start horseriding again. We found Speedy and his owner Veronique. She taught me things about natural horsemanship. Speedy is an old and wise horse.


Since March 2017 I ride at Hoeve Romantico in Maarsbergen. Mariëtte Bakker trains with me at least twice a week. I ride several horses and I train new horses for horseback archery. Centered Riding is the basis of my riding lessons. I also train others in horseback archery. During these lessons I teach the archery part. 


This picture is from when I just started riding one and a half years ago


Me training Sharon on her horse Jewel

I train vaulting with Koen Akkerman. I love training with him. He is learning me how to feel free on a horse, to fall off and he understands what it is to train at a professional level. I would love to become better at vaulting!


Training vaulting with Koen on Chester