Between the ages of 6 – 8, I had horseriding lessons. I loved to sit on a horse and to talk with my trainers. But I could not deal with the pressure of letting the horse do what the trainer wanted me to do with the horse. I just wanted to be with the horse. So I stopped riding horses.

In March 2017 I decided to start horseriding again because I wanted to become a horseback archer. We found Speedy and his owner Veronique. She taught me things about natural horsemanship. CIMG1265

I also started riding at Hoeve Romantico in March 2017. I stopped there in March 2020 but I still miss Chiron, the pony who taught me so much and was always prepared to work with me. CIMG9822

This picture is from when I just started riding, with Chiron


I trained vaulting with Koen Akkerman. He taught me how to feel more free on a horse


Training vaulting with Koen on Chester

In January 2020 I started riding with Jannet van Wijk on her Arabian horses trained for endurance. She helped me a lot changing my automatic reaction when a horse does something unexpected or when I have the feeling I cannot control the horse anymore. I feel a lot more in control now, while I still know that a horse can always do something unexpected. And of course we sometimes train horseback archery.

Many very valuable hours I have made on her beautiful and well trained horses and I hope to be making in the future. 

And I train at the Magnolia Ranch, owned by Ed Gosen and Christa Roderkerken. They have several horses that we can use for horseback archery. A professional 90 meters track is build and can be used for experienced riders. Ed is teaching me western riding, which I like a lot.

I also give horseback archery clinics at the Magnolia Ranch. You can read more about my training at