An update

The last months I have been really lucky to have found a few horses that I can train. This improves my horse-riding skills and my experience with different horses. And it is a lot of fun to see the horses that I ride improve. I have rode Bijou, a high level dressage horse. And it was so great to learn from him!

I have also been giving horseback archery and archery training on invitation all over the Netherlands. We have met so many new and highly motivated people the last couple of months, which is really motivating for me to become the best trainer I can be. I am grateful for all the people who asked me to come to give them training!

And of course it is always fun to ride the horses owned by the people I give training to. Since I have no possibility at the moment to train horseback archery myself here in the Netherlands, it has been good to give my new technique and quiver a try on the horse.

At the moment I am training at Texel, during my holidays, on the 18 meter distance. I am using the flying quiver made by Mihai Cozmei, with 14 arrows now. This last winter I have changed my own technique to Slavic draw and I am looking forward to giving it a try at the next training and competition in Gauchoux, France.

I just got my new competition Raptor made by Simon van der Heijden. It is a really fast and accurate/stable bow and I have already shot 4x a Robin Hood in 2 days. My bow is the56 inch model, 31 pound on 28 inch.

My arrows are sponsored by Simon Bode. I use 4 feathers of 3 inches long, 125 grain tip, 500 spine bandit shafts, big size koc nocks

When riding Moravita I use my own Cloete Mounted archery saddle. It is easy to fit on most horses and Moravita is doing well with it. I also like it a lot and hope to be able to use it in the future when shooting arrows.

With Moravita using my Cloete Mounted Archery saddle

On the 20th August we will leave for Gauchoux, to finally train and compete again!

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