New beginnings

I was very lucky to find Moravita to ride. She is a 16 year old Lippizaner with a lot of energy. I am riding with her almost every day now and I have been learning a lot already.

I also help her owner with riding her. It is nice to be able to practice giving horseriding instructions with a horse I ride myself. And to train with her the things I notice they need practice in so they will become a great combination.

Chiya with Moravita

Maybe in the future we can do some horseback archery with her but that is certainly not my first goal when I ride her. I love training with her, working on specific goals and learning a lot myself.

Having fun with Moravita

We also found a few new possibilities to give training, thanks to so many friendly people in my network. And it is always great to meet new people and new horses on my path. It certainly makes me more flexible and more determined to find my own way in the sport that I love so much.

With Daniek and Noppus in Vlist

At this moment I give trainings in Vlist for a group of homeschooled children and at Stal Beijerschehoeve in Stolwijk.

And of course our famous 33 year old Mando with his owner Renate and Susanne and Robbin with their horses.

I also give training at Selma’s place in Wageningen every once in a while. The horse owners have their own Némethy Aurora bows, just like Renate and Susanne and Robbin and can train themselves in between the trainings I give them.

I am also very happy to let you know that the Yvonne van Gennip Talenten Fonds is supporting me again this year for my own international training and competitions.

With Moravita and my Raptor!

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