Training with Flash and my Cloete Mounted Archery saddle

I have been training with my Cloete Mounted Archery saddle on Flash at the Magnolia Ranch. It is a very comfortable saddle to ride in, also when you are not shooting arrows.

With Flash

Last Saturday Ed gave me a western training. It is very important to me to learn to ride well, to keep the horses that we use for horseback archery in a good shape. And besides that, I like western riding a lot and I feel very lucky to have Ed Gosen as my trainer. Here you can see some photos of the training.

After the western training we trained horseback archery with Flash. He is doing great and he is a beautiful photomodel, thank you Christa for lending your horse to me, I love to ride him!

When you come in to train with us, you can always ask if it is possible to ride this saddle if you like. I can also bring it with me when I come to give you a private training at location. It is possible to make it fit on almost every horse.


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