My own Cloete Mounted Archery saddle!

Last week I received my own Cloete Mounted Archery saddle. I am very happy to be able to ride in this saddle. I have discussed all details of the saddle with Franco, to give it the performance that a horseback archer like me needs from a saddle. For me this turned out the be the perfect saddle. It allows me to stand perfectly in balance without fighting the saddle. And due to the way it fits on the horse, it’s also very comfortable for the horse. Shims can be added in the pad to customize the fit for the horse. The stirrup position can also be changed to fit the individual rider. So overall, the perfect saddle for horseback archery.

In the coming months I will start training with it at the Magnolia Ranch to prepare myself for the next competition season.

I am proud to be the representative for Cloete saddles in Europe. If you are interested in a saddle, please don’t hesistate to contact me. My mobile phone number is: +31 6 23902951 and my email:

If you want to try my saddle, that is possible! Magnolia Ranch is located in the Netherlands, close to the German border and you can try the saddle on appointment. For the Netherlands, you are welcome to try it on your own horse as well. If your horse needs a custom made tree, I will also be able to measure him or her for that, in consultation with Franco himself. More information about the saddle, you can always ask me and you can also visit the Cloete saddlery website

For this moment, a few photos without shooting. New photos will be added soon.

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