HA6 and two World Records

I am happy to let you know that with my high scores in Gauchoux I had enough good results to obtain HA6 status at the IHAA. I need one more good Raid score to have HA7. All the scores for my HA6 grade were obtained at international competitions, with Latte at the European Championship in Poland and with Sunny in Gauchoux!

One of my objectives for training during this winter/covid season is to obtain HA7 next year! You can see all grading at http://ihaa.info/ranking_list.html

With Sunny I also rode two world records, on the Raid 233 and the Tower track. I am very happy with those results. You can see all world records until so far at http://ihaa.info/records.html

I am very grateful that I have been able to train with so many great trainers; international well known horseback archery trainers who have taught me so much and horseriding trainers, Jannet van Wijk with whom I am riding three days a week on her great Arabian horses and Ed Gosen from the Magnolia Ranch. I could not have done all this without all of you.

With Jannet van Wijk on one of her horses

At this moment, due to Covid regulations, we are only allowed to give private trainings (max two persons). If you are interested, please contact us.

Training with Renate and Susanne at Renate’s private location

To keep the horses and ourselves in form, I do train and I am very grateful that this is still possible here in the Netherlands. I am riding three days a week with Jannet and we try to go to the Magnolia Ranch on a regular basis to train with Ed. We are preparing the horses for a new training season next year.

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