Team member: Jouke

I am Jouke. I’m Siems mother and together we are building on “Siem Horseback Archery”.70291320_10159044806607818_5994452178188632064_n

For me it is important to make horseback archery accessible for the ones who need to live their warrior hearts. As a close observer of this martial art I’ve seen so many dear souls grow in their truest potential by shooting arrows from a horseback.

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I have been actively training with Siem since october 2018, after having watched him and others shoot many arrows. Practicing horseback archery has helped me so much in understanding myself and others. A journey to come to my deep inner self.

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I love going to international trainings and competitions with Siem. Last years I’ve met so many wonderful people and the international horseback archery community is a very special one. Where everybody helps the others, all knowing that the only real competition you have is with yourself, to strive to be the best horseback archer you can be. And we all love to help others to achieve the same.

At trainings and competitions I make photos of what I see. Not only of Siem.

photo by Tamara Siebes, Kraft Media Productions

I do most of the administration and I answer most of the questions asked about our trainings and activities. Public relations is also my responsibility and I am proud that when you google “Siem boogschieten” or anything like that, you get so many hits! Since Siem is often the subject of my PR activities I coordinate everything with him. And I am his personal chauffeur. And more….