Training with Siem

More and more persons are asking me if I can train with them because they want to learn from me. I love giving trainings, helping others to become better horseback archers and helping them to feel the magic of horseback archery.

On sundays we have a training at my riding school for archers who already know the beginnings of horseback archery and know how to ride a horse. You can always ask if it is possible to join this training.

If you want to start horseback archery I can help you. We can train together, on your location or at my riding school in Maarsbergen.  I will always start on the ground, to teach you the proper technique. We can also train with your own horse, if you have one. That often takes some time, to get the horse used to horseback archery but most of them will, sooner or later. I am used to train with horses that still have to learn the profession but when we work with your own horse, it is your responsibility to keep it safe. Of course I will not do any dangerous things!

I am familiar with different techniques, three fingers (“Hungarian”) and different ways of thumb shooting. We can always look for the technique that fits your style.

I have a few bows of my own and unless you are very very strong, there is most of the times one that you can use for a few times. I can also help you buying the proper bow, when you have an idea of what you like.

Please consider the fact that I am 14 years old and starting to become a trainer. They say I am a walking horseback archery encyclopedia and I have a clear vision of how I can help an individual with what he/she is doing (so I easily see any mistakes you make and often know how to avoid these). So I know very well what I am talking about. But I am also young and learning to become a better horseback archer and trainer myself.

If you want more information about the possibilities, please contact me by using this email:

Hope to hear from you!


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