Horseback Archery

In May 2017 we went to Hungary for two weeks. We visited the International Horseback Archery Grand Prix at Némethy Horseback Archery Academy. I met a lot of very good horseback archers from all over the world.  

During this stay in Hungary I trained with Christoph Némethy in Pomaz for two weeks. For the first time in my life I shot arrows from a horseback and I loved it. I did not want to go back to the Netherlands and asked my father to find a job in Hungary.


Training on Rambo in Pomaz

In October 2017 trained with Christoph again for three weeks. He helped me to become a better horseback archer. After this training I could shoot 8 arrows in one run!


Training with Mirza

At home I practice horseback archery at least once a week at Hoeve Romantico. I love training with Chiron and I train new horses too. My horseriding trainer is always there when I train and to get feedback on the horse archery part I send videos to Glenn, Christoph and Ali Ghoorchian in Iran.


Training at home with Nency

I start at Postal Matches here in the Netherlands since March 2018.


Our first Postal Match that we organised in September 2018. On Chiron, Korean 2-3

My first competition was in June 2018 in Gauchoux, France. I rode Iao. I enjoyed this first international experience.


Korean 2 -3 -5 with Iao in Gauchoux

In July 2018 I started at the Open World Championships Horseback Archery in Pomaz, Hungary. I rode Csalogány. To be better prepared I trained a week before the competition in Pomaz. To see my results you can read my blog pages.


On Csalogány at the Korean track during the World Championships

All points that I ride in Postal matches and IHAA competitions can be found here: IHAA results Siem