I am very happy to have found a few sponsors and new sponsors are always welcome!:

Hoeve Romantico 

This is the place where I learn to ride horses, where I train horses for horseback archery and where I give trainings. The horses I bring for demonstrations come from here.  This is the homepage: Hoeve Romantico

First time horseback archery for 26 yr old Kwibes!

Horseback archery for the first time for 26 year old Kwibes! 

Simon’s Bow Company

My competition bow is a Simon’s Bow Company Raptor. It’s a great bow, very fast and light weight. Simon’s Bow Company


Since the Raptor I was using was a bit too heavy for me. I like it but it’s not so good for my body now my trainers told me, Simon made me a new one. It is a beautiful bow and I love shooting with it. When you meet me at competition or training and want to try my Raptors, please let me know!


Natascha Broekhuisen

Natascha sponsored my t shirts for me. I am very happy with these shirts!


Cupido Archery

I buy my archery equipment from Cupido Archery. They sponsor me with some of the materials that I need. They sell equipment that is favored by many horseback archers, like for example koç nocks. If you can’t find anything you need on the webshop, please contact the owner! Link to webshop: Cupido Archery