Team Member: James Wheres My Gun

We are very happy that James became a member of Siem Horseback Archery in October 2021. James, full name James Wheres My Gun, is born in June 2016. He was breeded and owned by Elie Bulens until she decided it was time to sell him, to Siem! We could not have been luckier.


James is a Quarter Gelding, born from a well known father Colonels Shining Gun. He is trained for reining by his previous owner.

We are training James at a slow pace for horseback archery. Since he is still young and hopefully has a long professional carreer in horseback archery ahead of him, we really want him to fully accept the sport and internalise all things that the sports asks of him before he has to perform.

I am also riding a lot with him in the forest so he can see a lot of different things and not get bored by doing the same job all the time.