Winner of Gauchoux Open 2020 with Sunny!

I am the overall winner of Gauchoux Open 2020! Together with Alan le Gall’s horse Sunny I rode this competition last weekend.

On Thursday I became second on the Tower track 90 with a junior world record. I missed only one target.

On the Tower track with Sunny

On Friday I was first on the Raid track 233 with a junior world record again.

Raid track 233 with Sunny

And fourth on the Skirmish where I missed one target.

On the Skirmish track with Sunny

On Saturday we rode the Hunt track, 1260 meters long and again I missed only one of the targets. I became first with 36 points difference with nr 2.

Finish on the Hunt track with Sunny

I am very happy with my results after a difficult year of having to stay motivated to train for competitions that were all canceled. I want to thank everyone who helped me to come this far! Hereby the final ranking. If you want to see all my results you can find them here:

Competition results can be found here:

Before the competition I trained two days with Mihai Cozmei on the Raid and Skirmish track

With Mihai Cozmei on the Skirmish track

And two days with Wojtek Osiecki on the Hunt track. I also had a private training with Christoph Némethy on the Tower track. So I was well prepared but I never imagined coming this far!

Instructions from Wojtek Osiecki on the Hunt track training

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