Change of plans

Due to the corona virus there has been a change of plans. The World Championships Horseback Archery Eventing have been canceled and delayed to 2021.

This means I have to change my goals of training partly. I still want to be the best horseback archer I can be, so that didn’t change. I am now focussing on becoming a better horserider, with which Jannet van Wijk is really helping me. We are also working on training her horses to be horse archery horses which is really fun for all of us.

Kootwijkerzand, with Jannet and Sarina
On Venushka Khan

I hope to be able to go to Hungary and France in August for competitions and training. If travel is still impossible at that time, I hope to go there in fall when summer holidays are over and restrictions hopefully will be a bit less strict. Hope to see my horseback archery friends somewhere this year!

With Marli Jacobs from South Africa and Sunny, Gauchoux, France 2019. Photo by Katariina Cozmei.

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