Training Time

I am qualified for the Dutch team to participate in the World Championship Horseback Archery Eventing. This will take place in Lamotte, France in October 2020!


Since the corona crisis started I was very lucky to be able to train a lot of extra time with Jannet van Wijk and her horses. We go out to ride in the forest and on the dunes. We also ride in the riding arena, to practice more dressage. We use dual activation a lot, which works well for me.

And last but not least we have taught two of her horses to become horseback archery horses. Actually three but the third isn’t very sure she likes it. Jannet is becoming a good horseback archer herself now.

What is also very important for me is that Jannet is learning me a lot about high level performance sports. How to prepare and use the right material, how to feed myself well during training and competition and last but not least an area that I love, the bio mechanics of archery, horseriding and both sport combined.  And about horses of course, especially Arabian horses. We can talk for hours about all the different subjects.


So I am very lucky that I can still train and learn a lot during this semi lockdown time.

I hope to be able to train and compete in Hungary and Gauchoux, France in August, but it all depends on how it all continues. I am well prepared!


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