Freestyle Academy Level 1 and more

In September I started Level 1 at the Freestyle Academy led by Emiel Voest and Chaja Kolthoff-Voest.

Working with Ballyheigue Bay

At the Freestyle Academy I learn to understand horses and how I can help others to understand horses. I am learning a structured and evidence based course of actions that I can use when I am training with someone and their horse. And from understanding the horse, we learn how to train our horses to become balanced sports horses that are happy, well behaved and healthy.

I practice what I learn at the Freestyle Academy at Hoeve Romantico in Maarsbergen. I have a few students of my own who I am working with and I practice everything on my own with different horses. There are some great horses who love to work with me and it’s really nice to be able to try the things I learn with the horses I know so well.

After finishing Level 1 in June this year I will continue with the intensive horseriding instructor course this summer, ORUN 2. For this course I am already training, with Marloes Biel as dressage instructor and riding Silvano.


I am also very happy to train with Jannet van Wijk, endurance and dressage rider. She asked me to come and help her train her horses. She is a very experienced rider and also my physiotherapist who I visit every month for a check up. It is an honour for me that she asked me to train with her and I am learning a lot from her and her very fast, active and high strung Arabian horses.

Tout d’Alou

For me it is really important to be able to train well our horseback archery horses so they will stay happy, healthy and physically strong and balanced. And to be able to help starting horseback archers to become good horseriders and good horsemen/women. In horseback archery we need to be able to connect deeply with the horses we are riding so it is good to learn to understand horse language. I have a very natural way of understanding horses and now I am learning ways to explain others how to understand their horse too.

In the trainings that I give I always focus on balance and position on the horse. Since my basis is in Centered Riding I have the first building blocks to ride in a balanced way and teach others how to ride balanced and in the right position. This is necessary to be able to shoot well and to keep our horses healthy. With everything I am learning this year, from all the different instructors, I hope to be able to help others well. I feel very lucky with all the help I am getting to develop myself.




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  1. It’s a great pleasure to work with Siem! His horse man ship skills are very strong and he is having a lot of fun while working with the horses. I’m sure Siem will be well known person in the world of horses! I wish him all the best in journey!

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