European Championship Horseback Archery Eventing in Poland

Last weekend I participated in the European Championship Horseback Archery Eventing in Sypniewo, Poland.

I became 3rd in the junior category on every track at the European Championship in Sypniewo, Poland. At the final ranking for juniors I became 3rd and 7th in the mixed ranking! I am really proud of my results with personal records on Hungarian and Korean track

Hungarian track 168,76 points
Korean track 111,78 points
Polish track 170,515 points

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I rode Latte, thanks to Christoph and Ági and I loved it.


Thank you Marcus for your friendship and help! It was very nice to meet you, hope to see you soon! And Esmėe it was really nice to coach you, proud of your results on your first international competition.

Thanks to everyone who helped me in the past years, to become the horseback archer I am now. Christoph Némethy, Mihai CozmeiDimitar TrukanovAli GhoorchianWojtek OsieckiAlan Le Gall Mariëtte BakkerJouke Boerma and Glenn Weston. And all the others who I have met during trainings and competition. I always have so much fun talking and shooting with all of you.


Thank you Anna Sterczyńska for organising this competition!

I am using a Raptor by Simon’s Bow Company and arrows by Dutch Bow Store

On the Polish track: Siem on the Polish track

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