One at the battlefield

Written by Jouke

When in Pomaz, Hungary, Siem had the chance to train with Dimitar Trukanov. This was very important for him. It was a great idea of Christoph Némethy to invite Dimitar as a trainer, I’m grateful for that!

This training was in May. A few months further and I can see how much impact this training has had on Siem. Some sort of deeper understanding of the horse, which made him a real horseboy, one at the battlefield!

In your eagerness to be the best horseback archer it is easy to forget about your companion, the horse you are riding. I do understand that completely. As an observer of horseback archery trainings and competition I have noticed that some could be riding a bike instead of a living animal.

A very sensitive living animal that is biologically imprinted to judge every situation on dangerous or safe and if in danger, to flee from it. An animal that is used to work together in a group for protection and survival. So when left alone by its rider in the track and being used as a bike it gets completely lost. Most horses survive this by becoming insensitive, to protect themselves from an unbearable situation. Since I worked as a groom with show jumping horses I have often seen this happen. For me it was the most important reason to stop riding and working with horses when I was 20. And then I had a child who wanted to become a horseback archer. With two younger brothers who wanted to hug every horse that they saw.

Now that three of my kids are riding I found it very important that they learn to take care of their horse in an honest way. After some searching I found a place close to our home where they could learn this.

Of course it is very nice to be a great archer but at the end it’s the horse you are riding who is your companion. Who you should care for, are responsible for. To learn that working together from a deep understanding of your horse and your relationship with the horse will give you the highest results.

At a competition this can mean that you don’t ride the highest points. But you can still be a winner. For me being a winner means that you and your horse have given all you could together. A winner is being one at the battlefield.

Thank you so much Dimitar for helping Siem understand how to be one with his horse on the battlefield from a deep understanding of and compassion with his one and only companion there. For helping him to be a real winner. All that matters.

2 gedachten over “One at the battlefield

  1. Lieve Siem

    Wat een mooi verhaal heeft Jouke over jou geschreven. Ik had het al op Facebook gezien en gelezen, maar nu is het fijn dat ik het persoonlijk heb gekregen

    Je bent een topper, dat weet ik nu. Van harte gefeliciteerd

    En ik wens je van harte succes in de nabije toekomst.

    Je oma in Abcoude is trots op je

    Liefs Oma Marieke



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