Kids and Youth Championship 2019 Hungary

Last week I participated in the Kids and Youth Championship at the Némethy Academy in Pomaz, Hungary. Since it was an extra competition we decided at the last moment to go and I loved it. Since I really wanted to ride the Extreme versions of every track and I think challenging yourself is more important than winning, I decided to start in a higher age group, 16 – 21 years, while I am still 15. In May, during the Grand Prix stage I I had already ridden the Hungarian Extreme but I had just missed the finals in Korean and Polish Extreme (on Korean I had 11th place, first 10 rode the finals, and on Polish I had 12th place). So now it was my chance to ride the Extreme tracks! It also was a great chance to test my new Raptor from Simon’s Bow Company  in competition before the European Championships, and I am realy satisfied with the Raptor!


When we arrived on wednesday afternoon I could train immediately. Csalogany, the horse I rode at the World Championship last year was still free so I decided to take him. It was nice to ride him again, sweet horse!

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The next morning I could join the advanced training. It started at 5.30 hrs so I had to get up early. But it was great. I practiced on Centurio, the horse I already knew I could ride the competition with. In May, during the Grand Prix, I also rode on Centurio. I love his sensitivity.

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On friday I rode the Hungarian Extreme. I had 57.018 points (in May 29.254 points!). Good for a 7th place.

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On Saturday it was time for the Korean Extreme. I was really looking forward to it! The first four runs I was a bit disappointed in myself, I kept missing the same shots. The last two runs, six targets in a row, I shot well, all six in. 105.365 points, good for a 5th place. Here you can see me ride the last run with six targets: Korean Extreme six targets

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On Sunday we had the Polish Extreme. It was great and I never had such a good feeling as then about riding the Polish track. I had 107.013 points, good for a 7th place. In total I became 7th! A good result since I was competing against such good other horse archers.

Many thanks to Christoph Némethy and Alan le Gall for all their support. And of course all the others who helped me and supported me. I love being part of this international horseback archery community!


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