Gauchoux Open 2021

This year I went into the competition with very little practice from shooting from a horse so my expectations were not too high. Happy to say that I achieved higher than I expected!


I won the junior category and got 3rd place overall with only one percentage to 2nd place!

My results on the Tower and Raid where suboptimal to say the least… But I am still happy with the scores for how bad the shooting felt. To me this really proves that it was the right decision to switch to the flying quiver, it just makes shooting that much easier.

My Skirmish scores are something that I am very proud of: achieving the highest score ever shot on that track! And the first to pass the 100 point barrier on the track! My Hunt was kind of an average score not too bad but also not up to what I know I could have done.

Throughout the entire competition I had the most lovely pony I could imagine! Husky from Hantayo – Ferme équestre . He is such a funny and friendly horse with the smoothest of canters!

A huge thank you to Mihai Cozmei and Wojtek Osiecki for your coaching and training before the competition started. And all the others at the training and competition for your companionship. I had a great time and I feel very lucky to have trainers like you in my life. And last but not least, thank you Alan le Gall for organising this event! After months of hard work it was a joy to spend time at your beautiful place!

And to all of my sponsors who support me with the highest level of equipment!

Saddle Franco Cloete

Bow Simon’s Bow Company

Arrows Simon Bode

Financial Support

And thank you for the beautiful pictures and support Jouke Boerma

Husky can dance too and you have to give the photographer some fun sometimes

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