Horse Event 2018

Chiron and I gave a demonstration at Horse Event on Saturday 15th September. Horse Event is the largest horse event in the Netherlands.

Chiron was really relaxed. There were a lot of spectators. Koen Akkerman, my vaulting trainer, helped me during the demo. He told things about me, vaulting, horseriding and horse archery and asked me questions.

I used fluflus with blunts because there were so many people all around the area.

I am very proud that we did so well, that so many people took pictures and made videos and that the lady who managed the riding area said that I am a very good rider who sits very stable. She was also impressed that it is such a spectactulair sport to see. She hopes to see me again! If you understand Dutch, you can hear what she says at the end of the youtube video.

Here you can see the video from my demonstration: Demo Horse Event Siem


And this is a shorter video of my last “run” at Horse Event Horse Event Last Run

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