A Raptor and a Postal

Yesterday we visited Simon Simon’s Bow Company  We talked a lot about bows, he showed me how he makes them, I showed him my bows. It’s always nice to talk with someone who loves bows too!


And I shot his Raptor. I love the Raptor!


It is a very fast, light weight bow, very stable. Exactly the right bow for me. Simon offered me to make me one!! So I have found a sponsor who is going to make a great bow for me. I am super happy about that and I cannot wait to shoot with it (but I have to wait till it’s been made).

Last sunday we rode the Postal Match, Aussie track. Our track was heavy because of the rain in the week before but it was a good practice. I decided not to speed Chiron up above her limits, I trusted her decision to not go as fast as she can canter. So we did our runs in 13 and 14 seconds. But very happy that just like with the Postal Match before, I manage to shoot all my arrows in the target.

My (archery) students also participated. Walk and trot first and two of them tried the canter as well. Asqan would have loved to gallop but had to start with a walk postal :).  Which he did, walk, with a little bit of extra help. Nice to see how eager he is with his Arab blood!

And the Postal in canter isn’t as easy as it might look (they knew but it is always good to experience it as well). Now we know what to work on in the next months. Proud of us all.

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