Training others and a demo at the Eendenkooi


The last couple of weeks I have been giving horse archery training to several others. I really enjoy this. For me it is important to have an individual approach. I want to help everyone who trains with me with his/her wishes and needs and take into account his/her abilities.

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Demonstration at the Eendenkooi

Giving demonstrations is important for me because I want show others how great it is to be a horse archer. I often hear that they have never heard of it before and most people really like to see me doing it. Last sunday I gave a demo at Manege de Eendenkooi in Den Haag. The car that had to bring Chiron there broke down but luckily the organisation gave me the opportunity to improvise. So we trained one of their horses as horse archery horse and showed everybody how I normally train new horses. This new talent was a 21 year old Fjord called Magnus. He did great. I did not plan to shoot arrows from his back, but he was so relaxed that I decided to do it, in walk and in trot. After the demo I gave two short lessons, on the ground and on a vaulting “horse”. I enjoyed how happy my new students were! I hope to see them again, at their place or in Maarsbergen. And next time I will bring Chiron with me I hope!

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