HAOWC 2018: Horseback Archery Open World Championship 2018, Pomaz, Hungary

From 5 to 8 July I competed in the Horseback Archery Open World Championship 2018 in Pomaz, Hungary.

Before the competition I trained there for 7 days so I would be well prepared.

During the competition I rode on Csalogány, a very sweet, not so fast horse.

I started with the Polish track. It was a pity that we were too slow and I lost many points on the time.

The second day I rode the Hungarian track. I rode a personal record, 128.520 points!

The third day I scored 76.503 points at the Korean track.

It was not enough to compete in the finals on sunday. Next time!

For me it was very nice to meet Glenn Weston finally in person and he helped me a lot during the preparation and competition. I loved being with you!

I also had a lot of fun with other competitors and it was great to meet them all. I loved talking about bows, arrows, quivers, horses and everything else.

I am filled with new ideas to train (like riding on 7 seconds horses 🙂 ).

I want to thank Christoph Némethy for organising this World Championship in Hungary.

And many thanks to Glenn, Ali Ghoorchian and Alan le Gall for their help and support during the competition.

Here you can see more pictures Tijmen took during the competition days: Pictures by Tijmen Budding

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