The 14th World Horseback Archery Championship in Korea!

UPDATE: I am sorry to let you know I could not find the necessary funding to go to Korea so I will not compete there. I hope to be there next year!

In October I would like to go to the 14th World Horseback Archery Championship in Korea. It is a competition where many horseback archers come to to test their skills.  poster korea

Why to Korea? 

To become a better horseback archer, it is important for me to compare my skills with other horseback archers, to learn from others and to exchange ideas about techniques and skills with them. And the competition in Korea is a good place to strengthen my warrior heart. You can read more about that here:  Warrior heart

The press

My visibility will be good, going to Korea. I will post regular updates about my experiences on facebook and my webpage. Before going there I will contact my existing press contacts here in the Netherlands and inform them about my progress. I have been on the Dutch newsprogram for children in March, the video has been watched for more than 46.000 times Siem Jeugdjournaal. I have also been filmed by the Dutch publisher of Ranger’s apprentice and they place regular updates about me on their facebook page. Siem Ranger’s apprentice. The Dutch Handboogbond (Archery federation) also places regular updates on their facebook page about me.

Demonstrations and clinics

The 15th September I will give a clinic on Horse Event. Horse Event. 27th October I will give a demonstration at a visitor’s day at the Paardenkamp in Soest. Paardenkamp Soest .


I need your help to be able to go to Korea. Without your help I won’t be able to go! The highest costs are the airline ticket for me and an accompanying person (2x 700 euro more or less), the starting fees for me (300 dollar, around 260 euro) and the accomodation and meals for the accompanying person.

If you are willing to help me to go to Korea in October 2018, please contact me!


Phone: +31 6 360 345 46

Facebook: Medicine Archery the Netherlands

My bankaccount is: NL86 RABO 0115275150, S. Budding

Photo by Vincent McLean







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