Siem Horseback Archery

It is time to start my own business: Siem Horseback Archery  Facebook pagina

We have been working hard to build a place where people can learn horseback archery in a safe and horse friendly way. We hope to see you in the near future!

Training with Chiron: 

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You are always welcome for training on the ground and on a horseback. I can also give demonstrations at your own place or festival. If you want to, we can add a short workshop to a demo, so people can shoot some arrows from the ground. We can also come for a clinic to your place. I can advise you on bows and arrows if you want to buy material. And if you want to I can make your arrows. Please feel welcome to contact me:

Pictures of my trainings:

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Een gedachte over “Siem Horseback Archery

  1. Lieve Siem

    Wat goed joh, dat je je eigen zaak gaat runnen. Ik wens je heel veel succes Ik ben zeer trots op mijn kleinzoon Siem Een knuffel van mij je oma in Abcoude



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