Clinic Mihai Cozmei

On 6/7 April Mihai Cozmei gave a clinic at Hoeve Romantico, the place where I am training and giving trainings.

Mihai arrived on friday and on friday afternoon we checked the horses I have been training and trained together on the long track. It was awesome. Mihai rode Nymphy our dancing and flying horse. It’s not easy to shoot from her but once you’ve found the rythm she is great. I rode Chiron and later I gave it a try with Kwiebes. Mariëtte first rode Kwiebes. And Jouke practiced with Jewel. Qiujun did a few rounds on Jewel but was a lot happier riding on Chiron. And Chunlian shot his arrows riding on Jewel.

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On saturday Esmée and Ellen participated in the clinic. We learned so much. I had been training on my own since July 2018 so it was great to train with such an awesome trainer like Mihai. After a morning ground training and learning more about horseback archery at a deeper level, we rode our horses in the afternoon. We discussed bows, arrows, different techniques, rythm shooting and a lot more.

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On Sunday Esmée, Estia, Ed, Suzanne and Kees came in for the clinic. Ed and Suzanne brought their own horse. Again we learned a lot. For me it was heaven on earth, a weekend clinic with Mihai! And I am very happy to be able to help my students better now that I have learned more.

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Looking forward to train with Mihai again in June in Gauchoux, France. And next year,  we hope to organize a clinic with him again! You are all welcome to join, I am sure that also ground archers who never plan to shoot from a horse can learn a lot about archery from him. It’s hard to explain in words why, it is something you have to experience for yourself!

Hope to see you soon, to train with me!




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