1st stage of Grand Prix / World Cup 2019

In May I went to the 1st stage of Grand prix/World Cup 2019 (or as Christoph says the Universe Cup 2019) and also to the training camp before the competition with three marvelous trainers Ali Ghoorchian, Christoph Némethy and Dimitar Trukanov.  It was a very nice camp and I learned alot!

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I rode the competition on Centi (wich is short for Centurion) and it was amazing! Centi is such a nice and sensitive horse so he and I could connect very well! Together we took second place Korean, second place Polish, third place Hungarian and second place overall.

Here you can see me ride on the Korean track with Centi: Korean track

We also had the fastest time on the Polish track which I am very proud of! Although it was very close to Martin Imbert (his time was 124.861 and my time was 119.635) who was also riding Centi. Martin has beaten my time on the Polish Extreme with 115.996 and the Polish Extreme was three hunderd meters longer! (the normal Polish was around 1200 meters and the extreme Polish was around 1500).

The Extreme versions of every track were the finals on the fourth day. Only the best ten riders were allowed to compete. Since I held 8th place on the Hungarian I competed in the Hungarian Extreme and became 7th! On the Polish track I had the 12th place and on the Korean the 11th so no finals for me on those tracks.

Here you can see me ride the Hungarian Extreme, in the first video (that starts with raindrops) at 1.50 minutes: Hungarian Extreme

I am very proud of my results in this competition and I loved the training in the week before. I have learned a lot and had a great time.

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