Training in Gauchoux and Open Gauchoux 2019

In June we went to Gauchoux so I could train with Mihai Cozmei and Wojtek Osiecki and ride the Gauchoux Open. It was special because a year ago the Gauchoux Open was my first international competition that I competed in. It was all so new for me. And now, I loved meeting my horseback archery friends again and my results were so much better than last year.

First two days I trained with Mihai. And then with Wojtek on the Polish track. I have learned a lot. I rode Sunny, one of Alan’s many great horses.

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In the competition I rode Sunny too and I shared him with Christoph. We tried new versions for all of the competition tracks which was really fun and exciting.

I got first in the Young Riders group on the  Korean track and third overall. I am so proud of that!

On the Hungarian I had second place Young Riders and fifth overall.

On the Polish track I had seventh place Young Riders and 18th overall. Now I know what I have to practice!!

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