Clinic Wojtek Osiecki and Siem 15th Januari Wereldpaarden!

To prepare ourselves for the coming competition season and train James in a horsefriendly and delicate way for our sport, Wojtek comes to visit me. I am super happy about that!

After a week of training and visiting some places, Wojtek will give a training with me at Wereldpaarden. It is an introduction to horseback archery for everyone who is interested. But also advanced horseback archers can join of course! The only thing you need is a horse!

Please check Facebook for more detailed information

Saturday 15th January, 9.00 – 13.00 Wereldpaarden, Woudenberg

Limited places (8 max), 75 Euro!

A real good opportunity to start your horseback archery carreer training with a real master in our sport and two experienced trainers available! I have learned a lot from Wojtek while training with him in Gauchoux and would love to give this opportunity to others as well so feel welcome!

From 10 – 14 January you can often find us training at Wereldpaarden. If you have any questions about the clinic, please feel free to contact us! If you want a private training by Wojtek and me, please let me know too. We can see if it’s possible to make any arrangments.

You can find more information about Wojtek here:

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