Training with Wojtek Osiecki and James

I feel very lucky that Wojtek paid me a visit last week. We have been training a lot with James, watched and discussed videos on horsemanship and horseriding, shot arrows and I assisted in a few trainings he gave here in horseback archery to others.

To start with the last, it was good for me to see how Wojtek gives his trainings. Of course I have been training with Wojtek before on clinics in Gauchoux. Now I could watch (and assist) without participating how he trained with my own students and some new students and their horses.

With James Wojtek helped me to work with James in a more structured and horsefriendly way. With many rewards for him when he is doing good and the right reaction from my side when I want him to do something else than what he is doing. It’s a very subtle process, this communication and bonding with your horse and it can only be done when you understand the way your horse communicates with you and why he does the things he does.

This subtility is hard to explain but I think it’s the core of the strength of Wojteks way of handling horses and working with them. What I already knew but now could see very clearly since we trained several days together and privately, is that Wojtek is very good in explaining these subtle things that make me a better horseman and deepen my connection with James and other horses.

And of course we have shot some arrows and I am very happy that Wojtek also rode James so I could see how James reacts to others. Thank you so much Wojtek for coming to visit me and James here in the Netherlands. I had a great week and I am grateful for learning so much from you. Hope to see you soon in April, in Poland!

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