Training with James and competition season 2022

Every monday morning I have the opportunity to train with James in the indoor arena. We make a lot of progress and I am really proud of how James is doing.

Here you can see some videos of me and James

We are trying to plan the competition season that is coming. At this moment, with the state the world is in, this is extremely hard. I am also facing some heavy financial drawbacks that make me reconsider what I think is important for my development as a horseback archer and horseback archery trainer.

While I wish I could travel the world to bring back more experience to the Netherlands, this is not really an option these days. So I hope horseback archery will become better known here in the Netherlands and I am doing my best to spread the word and the opportunity for people to train with me.

If you have any questions about sponsoring me or suggestions of what I could do to get sponsoring so I can travel to competitions this year, please let me know. It would be very welcome!

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