Kassai World Cup Checkendon, UK

Starting the new year I would like to recap the last competition I rode in 2022, in Checkendon, UK. It was my first time training on the Kassai track and my first Kassai World Cup competition. For people who do not know, on the Kassai track the target face follows the rider, always maintaining the perfect angle.

It was very nice to have the opportunity to train with Dimitrios Christou the days before and learn about the Kassai system and share our training philosophies. Really great to meet someone with who I share many values and thoughts. A good motivation for me to keep training and work on getting better. Thank you so much Dimitri!

Dimitrios has build a beautiful horseback archery training place in Checkendon and I hope to see him and Checkendon again in the future. Also many thanks to Becca Sweetman who arranged this training opportunity for me. I loved to see how you all work together to have a good training and competition for everyone who wants to attend! And of course many thanks to Checkendon Equestrian Centre for the opportunity to train and compete at their place.

Competing with Benji

In the competition I shot 217.34 points with Benji, good for a first place at this competition, 9th on the world ranking list for 2022 and a 1st place on quiver load overall ranking list. You can see the ranking lists here: https://wfea.world/ranking/?module=results&data=rank_overall&y=2022&start=0&perpage=50

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