THE Media

After I won the European Championship and became European Champion Horseback Archery Eventing all ages, I have been on national radio and television. James was a very good companion for this since the horse I won the competition with, Husky, lives in the south of France at Sylvie’s place

One very succesfull often seen item was on the Dutch news for children. I was already on my way to Checkendon to ride my first Kassai competition so I spoke with them on the road 🙂

Here you can find my playlist with all my radio and television performances.

Two of my students, Jens and Venne, have also done a television performance for Zappsport. I am so proud of how they handled it all, the pressure of the cameras and the questions that they asked them. We are still waiting for the item to be at national television, but luckily we filmed them too during their performance!

Here you can see it:

Since many people asked me about training videos, so they can study it at home, I have started to make videos. Videos that were made before, during trainings are also on my YouTube channel. This is the playlist: Please follow my YouTube channel if you want to stay updated on new videos.

This is one example of a basic training video:

In October James moved to a new small stable, close to my home, the Beek Ranch. He is happy there, living in someones backyard with only a small group of people and other horses. He has been off duty due to some problems with his hoofs. This was actually a very welcome break for both of us, giving me time to think how to continue our training and giving James time to just be. He has gone through many changes in just a years time, just like me and this time off made us grow stronger. Now it’s time for some new things again, James will come with me on holiday to Texel again, a place he already knows.

We are looking forward to a new year. I hope to see you all at trainings and competition!

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