Horsetraining and horsemanship lessons

This summer I started training a young Spanish horse for the owner because they were getting stuck with the development of getting him under the saddle. It is a nice opportunity to be able to help the owner and the horse to come together more and more and see him working under the saddle as a calm and collected horse.

At the new stables where James is boarded at, I have started helping Diana and Summer doing ground work. They already had very good basics but wanted to develop more. From this we came to the point where we could start with getting Summer under the saddle.

She is a talented and sweet mare who is very eager to please. I am happy to see the progress that Diana has made with her.

They are now able to ride safely and in a relaxed manner even in the short time that Summer has been under the saddle.

Then there is Spirit, who is well trained and has a great foundation but started to develop a lot of stress sometimes during the riding. We have been working on trying to show Spirit how to relax and enjoy riding more and more.

Lately I started working with Vito and his owner who already have a very well balanced relationship. With the previous owners he has started to develop some problems with mounting so the current owner wants me to help him give confidence again with the first few rides.

First time riding on Vito

I am grateful to have the opportunity to help horses and their owners and riders to become more balanced and understanding towards eachother. And it is great to meet all these well connected owners who really want the best for their horses and give their horses the time they need.

As you might have noticed James has changed stables. He is now close to my house and at a stable that really fits both of us well, the Beek Ranch. I will make a blog about this in the near future.

James at the Beek Ranch!

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  1. Goed verhaal Siem,en van jouw PR manager. Dit is een mooie aanvulling op jouw werk als boogschutter en Horseback trainer! Omarming van O en O


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