European Champion Horseback Archery Eventing!

I am the new European Champion Horseback Archery Eventing! Overall and as a Young Rider! With this brave sweet warhorse Husky from Hantayo Stables


Last week I rode the European Championship Horseback Archery Eventing in Gauchoux, France. I was very lucky that Sylvie Recoussine brought Husky for me to ride! On wednesday I trained with Husky. The Tower targets had been lowered 40 cm since last competition so I had to adjust my shooting to that. Wojtek also gave me a very valuable jumping lesson so I was confident enough to jump in the Hunt track. During the competition I shared Husky with Emrah Koç from Turkey.

The first competition day we rode the Tower track. I was not completely happy with my results, especially the last run but I still managed to get 136.42 points! You can see one run here if you want to:

The second day of competition we rode the Raid 235. I am very happy with my results, 135.45 points, a new world record and enough get my HA8 grade!

You can see my first run on the serial here:

Third day we were on the Hunt track. I managed to do all the four jumps! It was not my best Hunt track ever but I managed to stay at the first place overall.

You can see the second part of my Hunt track here

On the fourth day we rode the finals, the Skirmish track. I had not been on this track since August 2021 when I rode the world highest score on this track (104.445 points). I did not get that high this time but I had 90.15 points.

Here you can see my third run on the Skirmish

And so I became the new European Champion!

As you can see on the list I had two Dutch teammates, Merel and Kimo. It was really nice to be competing with a team.

Many thanks to all who helped me to get to this point. I am very happy to be the European Champion. And I still have lots to learn and to improve!

Saying goodbye to Husky is never easy, I owe him so much! But I know he is living a great life at Sylvie’s stables and I hope to be competing with him again in the future!

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