Gauchoux OPen 2022 Grand Prix stage 3

I rode Gauchoux Open as member of the Dutch team for the European Grand Prix stage 3. I am very proud that we finally had a complete team together and were able to end up at the fourth place of this stage!

I hope we will continue this in the future, working hard for it and proud of all the other Dutch team members, Kimo, Marleen, Eleanora, Louise (and me) who trained hard, were motivated to give it a try and did their best on all tracks!

As for myself I ended up winning the 3* competition as a senior and was happy to share this with Wojtek and Mateusz from Poland. I rode Husky, just like I did last year.


A golden pony from Hantayo Ferme Equestre Thank you so much Sylvie for bringing Husky again!

At the Raid 235 I rode a new world record for Young Riders, 124.26 points and ended up just after Wojtek! I missed one arrow on the middle target thats cost me some valuable points.

Here you can see my last run on the Raid

The second day of competition we rode the Tower 90. This year I had only been training on the Tower track in April at Wojtek’s place and now for two days in Gauchoux with Husky, so I am really happy with my results, a nice high score of 161.525, a new world record on the Tower 90 for Young Riders and the second highest score ever ridden on this track which was by Mihai Cozmei.

Here you can see my third run on the Tower, the lowest points but the most arrows!

At the last day of competition we rode the Hunt track. I missed one target and ended up second, after Wojtek.

Here you can see my ride on the Hunt:

One of my highlights of this competition was finally meeting Jacques Horn from South Africa. We have a lot in common and it was great to finally see eachother in person. Thank you Jacques and Diane for your company! And congratulations Jacques for winning the 4 stars competition! And as you see on the photos, we also had some fans from the Netherlands watching the competition! Thank you for coming to Gauchoux too!

It was also very special for me to meet a good friend of my grandparents who just lives around the corner from Gauchoux. Thank you for visiting me at the competition Gabrielle! I hope to see you again!

And last but not least we celebrated Becca’s birthday, one day too late but we needed our avocado to ripe 🙂

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