All over the Netherlands and also in Belgium: giving horseback archery Training

After the competition in Grunwald, Poland I have been giving training all over the Netherlands and also in Belgium. It is great to be invited to so many places to give horseback archery and archery training.

We also found two places with riding school horses so people without their own horse can also train with me. One in Voorthuizen, Stal Jacobs, for adults and one for kids in Lelystad, the Ponyvriendjes. In Voorthuizen I gave a serie of trainings on friday evenings, with the horses Siem (what’s in a name), Carona and Eros. At the Ponyvriendjes we train on sunday afternoon, every few weeks with their well trained pony’s.

And I helped Ellis and Marleen prepare for their first international competition in Turkey. That was fun, to share my experience in international competitions with other motivated horseback archers!

For other trainings I went to Stadskanaal (in the north) to Heerlen (in the south of Limburg) and Essen in Belgium. It was really nice to meet so many people who are interested in my sport and want to learn from me.

The Friesian horse Gerlin I was training a few times a week got sold to Finland. I will miss her a lot, really enjoyed riding out with her. I am looking forward training her owners new horse in the future!

I had some bad luck during my work at the stables where James is standing and got kicked in my leg very badly. I have been walking on crutches for a month but the trainings continued, with some extra help to collect arrows and carry stuff around. Now I am able to ride again. Since I had to stop training for a month we decided to bring James with us on holiday. The best decision ever! But more about that on the next blog. Just one photo…..

If you want to train with me, I have trainings in August and September planned already. In Wernhout, Voorthuizen (horses available), Lelystad (pony’s available) and Stadskanaal (sometimes horses available). Weekends in August and September are filled quickly now since I also plan to go to competitions these months; Gauchoux Open, European Championship in France and Kassai World Cup in Checkendon.

Thank you all for training with and hope to see you in the near future!

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